Saturday 31st of July 2021

JOBS: Temporary carer role for Paralympic athlete

An opportunity has arisen for a temporary carer role for Paralympic athlete, Sophie Christiansen in Maidenhead (no previous care experience needed).



Sophie is an independent, active young woman with quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy who needs more flexibility than care agencies can give for a few months until she moves, replacing a long-term carer. Could you help?

Sophie has competed for the GB Paralympic dressage team since she was 16 and continues to do so. She graduated with a Masters degree in maths in 2011 and now commutes to work in London two days a week on her own.

Sophie is looking for a reliable female carer to help with her hectic life by doing the following:

· Shoes/splints, difficult fastenings on clothes, hair
· Preparing breakfast / lunch
· Cooking
· Cleaning
· Laundry and ironing
· Driving long distances (if you are over 25 she can get you insured on her car)
· Travelling into London / other venues for events, meetings, talks, etc.
· Additional role: act as her PA, answering e-mails and organizing events. This would look great on a CV!

Since this is a temporary role, you can discuss further how a week may look, but a full role would be on average 25 hours per week at £10 per hour Monday to Friday. Sophie understands that it would be best to keep these hours similar each week to fit around other commitments you have, but sometimes she may have a crazy week travelling the country and the following week could be quiet – you will have to discuss your individual requirements and plan ahead.

Please send your CV to (a temporary e-mail address ONLY for applicants) by 5pm on Thursday 23rd February. No previous care experience is necessary.

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