Thursday 26th of November 2020
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Keeping it cool: Life of Brian Part 5

Brian, our roving rover sniffs out the best buys for discerning pooches in his dedicated blog to all things dog. From field (and stable) to city, our pooch on a mission to discover the best products for doggies with style.

This month I’m giving you the heads up on ‘Keeping Your Cool’ . That includes stuff to keep you feeling and looking cool as temperatures rise!

According to grown up dogs I’ve met recently, summer is like having the heating on all the time, so with this in mind, I’ve searched for the dog equivalent of human ice-cream and I think I’ve found it! These Iced Treats from Billy & Margot sound lush. They all contain fruit, Aloe Vera and flaxseed oil as well as other vegetarian ingredients so they’re healthy and tasty. They also only include ingredients that are edible to humans as well (just in case they reach for the wrong tub in the freezer!)

RRP: £2.99

I’m a bit of a beach babe and need to ensure that next time I visit I’m looking my best. I’m going to be ‘beach body ready’ (I heard that on the radio once) with this brightly coloured bandana I sniffed out by a fabulous Candian dog brand called Puppy Riot. It’s made to order in a lightweight madras cotton fabric and I just love those summer fresh stripes –  I’m thinking: beach, sunshine and looking good for the girls…

RRP: £7.65

I’ve often been told to calm down and ‘chill out’ so maybe this is what my humans are thinking of getting me ahead of the hot weather, this cool mat is designed to keep your dog cool when on car journeys or at home or in the office (some of us have to work to earn our keep!). The Chillr is activated by a change of temperature. As the crystals inside absorb warmth from your dog’s body, they liquify. When us dogs wander off the mat, the inside phase-change material goes back to the cooler (harder) crystal state (Clever eh?)

It doesn’t require any batteries or electricity either and comes in three sizes. They are £12.99 for small, £22.99 for medium and £29.99 for large (plus P&P).

I don’t know about you but I love a good BBQ and apparently summer is all about the BBQ (Does this season get any more amazing???). So, I think I’ve found the perfect garment to wear to ensure I get noticed, hopefully leading to more tasty titbits and treats by wowing them with some tropical style and my great party vibes. This Hang Ten BBQ Shirt by Dog Threads, also gives a portion of all sales to a dog charity so pooches less fortunate than us, get safe shelter and proper veterinary care – pawsome!

Sizes: XS – XXL

RRP: $36.00 plus shipping


With the social season in full swing, I’ve got plenty of engagements where I will need to look my best (The polo, lunch in town with friends and even a few weddings to go to as guest of honour) so this dapper bowtie, collar and lead set from British brand Mabel & Mu is going to ensure I’m suitably dressed without too much effort.

The Paisely Bark Collection is styled in a gorgeous soft but durable cotton featuring a stunning multi-coloured paisley print. I’ve been testing their collar, lead and bow tie and I have to say it’s pretty ‘wooftastic’! Every item is machine washable (Which is just as well as I decided to roll in something ‘not very nice’ (according to my human) out on a walk and after my bath we were reunited, both looking and smelling fabulous).

The collar is soft to wear but with a strong webbing inside for wear and tear and the sturdy click fastening on the collar is easy to secure, especially when I’m bouncing about in anticipation of a walk. The cute decorative metal leaf charm on the D-ring is just the type of designer dog touch I love! The bow tie can be bought separately and is easy to add/remove via a strong elastic loop and the matching lead is the perfect length for me (They do two different lengths). Ideal for me , as I’m so low to the ground my human needs a longer lead to ensure I can strut my stuff in style. With a bandana also available in this pretty print and cat sizes (I hope my human does NOT decide to treat the cat). This set combines quality and style, which will have your dog barking for more!

Bow Tie: RRP: £3.50, Collar: From RRP:£7.95 & Lead From RRP: £11.95

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