Saturday 28th of November 2020

The Life of Brian Part 3

Brian, our roving rover sniffs out the best buys for discerning pooches in his dedicated blog to all things dog. From field (and stable) to city, our pooch on a mission to discover the best products for doggies with style.

This month I’ve had my eye on the ball (but I’ve also been looking out for the best products for pooches on the move), and with Badminton Horse Trials only next month, I’ve gone dog crazy looking for products for my equine event debut…


I’m told I need to relax in the car and apparently stop chewing things I shouldn’t  (including the seat belts) so this Maelson Soft Kennel is perfect for the car. It has seatbelt straps with snap locks and Velcro and features a durable mesh fabric to allow plenty of air circulation, but it also features window and side door roll down covers to offer some privacy and opportunity for a good snooze on long car journeys. There are also door lock clasps to ensure your dog cannot open the zippers from the inside and the waterproof base which make it ideal for use when we arrive for a picnic, and I need a spot of shade.

Colours: Black/Tan, Black/Grey, Black/Anthracite.

Prices from £77.99

Now as you know, I’m a dog with refined tastes so even when I’m on the road being chauffeur driven around the country, I like my water shaken and not stirred. Well, that might be taking things a bit too far, but I do love the sound of this gadget. The Torus Bowl is a clever water bowl that not only filters water (changeable filters) and keeps my water cool even in a warm car but also auto fills as I drink. It comes in different sizes and doesn’t even require batteries! I’ll drink to that!

 Available in Red, Grey, Pink and Blue and 1litre and 2-litre capacity.

RRP: £49.00


For those of us who think that the ‘water jump’ is literally just that, the absorbant Sox from Poppy & Rufus mops up the worst and stuffs neatly away in a waterproof bag until your human is back home and close to the washing machine! It comes in it’s own storage pouch with a delightfully designer print that won’t clash with your owner’s wardrobe and small enough to fit in her handbag (your other stuff she will just have to find room elsewhere for)

RRP: £18

I also fell in love with their Beanos Bags. Again styled in a gorgeous print, these little ‘bags of fun’ keep my treats to hand so when I bark at other dogs I get a treat to keep quiet. (I know! it didn’t take me long to train my human at all!)

Keeps human’s pockets clean and the waterproof lining can be pulled inside out to clean. Beano is made from their own unique ‘Little Rufus’ print oilcloth on the exterior, and a strong elastic drawstring opening makes it slightly more challenging for me to steal treats if left within my reach but apart from that I love it!

RRP: £15.00


Where ever you lay my bed is my home and if you can’t fit my bed from home in car for a few days away, then I think I’ve found the next best thing. The Chill Pad is a light and durable pad that has been designed to fit most standard pet crates and filled with the perfect amount of eco-friendly fibre fill to make it luxuriously comfy. Machine washable and dryer friendly, these pads are ideal for car, camping, hotel and home!

Colours: Red, Green, Blue and Skulls and Roses.

Prices start from RRP: £23.90


Now due to my baby legs, I do find I get a bit tired on big days out so when it comes to Badminton I’ll be getting ‘carried away’ for a bit with this gorgeous Liberty Print London Dog Carrier from Teddy Maximus. I’ve been testing this bag extensively already both out and about in the city, a day at the beach and in the countryside and I have to say it certainly lives up to its gorgeous good looks. It’s got padded fleecy walls and an exceptional comfy removable cushion pad for me to chill out in during boring meetings or to undertake my ‘meet and greet’ duties at our local pub, this dog carrier really is the perfect chill out zone for pooches on the move. An ingenious trigger hook inside attaches to my harness (In case I decide to channel my inner stunt dog) and my human loves the chic fashion styling of beautiful hand-cut Italian leather straps and the vintage inspired print which apparently works ‘perfectly’ with anything in her wardrobe (I overheard that bit) And for fashionista dogs? Well, there’s also a matching luxury dog coat and bow-tie. 

Sizes: Small & Medium

Prices start from RRP: £185

Get the ‘London look’ I love here

Till next time…



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