Sunday 29th of November 2020

Pooch Paradise: The Life of Brian, Part 4

Brian, our roving rover sniffs out the best buys for discerning pooches in his dedicated blog to all things dog. From field (and stable) to city, our pooch on a mission to discover the best products and places for doggies with style.

I overheard my humans mentioning summer holidays the other day, so to ensure they make the right choice for me I thought I needed to do some digging. So I went out into the garden and did just that (whilst contemplating what I need from a holiday). To be fair, they weren’t exactly pleased with my idea of re-landscaping the borders, but they soon changed their minds when I presented this ‘pawfect’ holiday package to them…


Now, for those of you that live with other canine friends and family, finding accommodation that works for all the family can be difficult (apparently, most have a limit of two dogs maximum) or if you are looking for doggie friendly accommodation where both your dog and family can totally relax and somewhere dedicated to ensuring dogs and humans both have equal fun, then I’ve found pooch paradise!

Saunton Beach Villas is THE place your pooch would choose to holiday in the UK, and I’ll tell you why…

They don’t have a limit on dogs, so I was also able to bring my two friends with me this time. Next time I’m thinking about inviting the whole park along, and the bottom line is that Saunton Beach Villas really understand and love our dogs. From the accommodation which offers all the basics you could ever want through to those little touches that make it so dog-friendly.

Each villa has an enclosed lush grass space where I could sit and relax and watch the world go by, and the accommodation was meticulously clean on arrival and dressed to perfection. You wouldn’t even know this was doggie friendly accommodation as apart from the dog crate and pad ready to accommodate my bed through to extra poo bags in the cupboard it offered. I stayed in a villa that accommodates four humans and the bedrooms were a great size and the living area was ample for fun and games, and the two large sofas ensured that we all had somewhere to relax in the evening.  The kitchen had all the basics, and big kitchen table meant if we didn’t fancy going out my humans could cook for me while I relaxed after a busy day chasing the waves and meeting new friends.

There is even a doggy wash down area in the garden so I could take a shower before supper in the evening. Who needs a spa when you have this level of pampering?!! The restaurant/bar on the beachfront allows dogs in their outdoor rooftop terrace area and sat under the stars next to the patio heater and snuggled under the faux fur blankets I was in my element.

There are dog bins located far enough from the villas but also close enough for my humans not to have to carry on the long beach walks I’ve been going on, and everyone is just so friendly!

I met Liz in Reception, and she even let me sit on the desk for a chat and a cuddle, and it’s a popular destination for surfers, so I also got to hang out with some pretty ‘rad’ humans who also loved me.

I’d never been to a beach with sand before, so I couldn’t stop digging (this apparently is OK) and the beach I’m told is amazing, miles of golden sand, stunning sunsets and excellent water quality rated sea. It’s a huge beach so we didn’t feel crowded and I had my first taste of the sea, although I wasn’t brave enough to dive in, I did have a paddle and meeting all the families and dogs was great.

The humans loved their sleeping arrangements also, and my mum who is obsessed with cleaning loved the fact fresh hand towels, tea towel and washing up cloths were there on arrival. The local shop is perfect for those bits my human forgot to pick up on the way, and there’s a great little café where we could all grab a bacon sandwich, and the humans could have their morning latte.

My humans also hired a beach hut for the day, which was ideal for a day on the beach and because the villas are so close to the beach if we forgot anything or needed to go back for something, we forgot or pop back for a spot of lunch, it was no trouble.

I’ve stayed in a few doggie hotels but never one so close to such a beautiful beach. And my only complaint? Well, my tail ached a bit from all that non-stop wagging!

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