Thursday 13th of May 2021

Luminoso Head to Liverpool International Horse Show

Think stunning horses, stunt riders and lots of fire! Luminoso features amazing pyrotechnics, fire acts and some of the best horse trick riding in the world. Six highly skilled horses and riders will be wowing the crowds at Liverpool International Horse Show with their acrobatic displays to a dramatic soundtrack and plenty of thrilling action!

Tell us about Luminoso and how the team was formed?

Luminoso meaning “The Light” is a brand new show collaborating with the most talented trick and stunt riders from around the world.

The founders of the team, married couple Karl and Zana are based on a historic yard just outside London and they are the only British team in history to compete at The World Dzhigitovka Championships (weapons and trick riding skills) in Moscow and are honoured to sit on the international committee alongside the Russian Cossacks.

What should visitors to Liverpool International Horse Show expect to see?

A fast action packed, non-stop show with new stunts that are unseen in the UK. Coming from Russia the bperformance will include fire stunts, jumps, pyrotechnics and horses jumping over people, so think human jumps plus some of the best trick riding talent to be seen here in the UK.

We will also have a very special UK first pyro stunt – We can’t say too much else!

Who is in the act and what is their background?

The show brings riders from around the world together to perform in one show, including riders from Britain and Germany and Cossack riders from Russia.

These riders have all competed against each other at The World Dzhigitovka Championships in Moscow but now have pulled together with their amazing skillset to create a show which is something very unique and special that is guaranteed to wow the audience.

The 2017 world trick riding champion will also be performing which is a real coup for the show.

Tell us about the horses that will be in the show?

The team use mainly Andalusian horses as they are brave, intelligent and love performing.

What is it about the Liverpool International Horse Show you are most looking forward to?

Liverpool International Horse Show has a great atmosphere and is a fun show. To top it all off it is at a time of celebration, over the New Year and we are very much looking forward to the festivities that this time of year brings.

We can’t wait to perform in such a great, indoor arena in front of a big audience.

This year’s Liverpool International Horse Show will see a host of leading names in action from December 29 to 31, at The Echo Arena on Liverpool’s iconic waterfront.

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