Monday 1st of March 2021

Mitsubishi Motors Cup: First Timer Tips, Part 2

The big day is fast approaching, the adrenaline levels are no doubt rising and hopefully your preparations for the Mitsubishi Motors Cup are going seamlessly.

Laura Barber competing at the 2015 Badminton Grassroots Championships.

Laura Barber competing at the 2015 Badminton Grassroots Championships.

In Part 2 of her First Timer Tips, 2015 Grassroots finalist, Laura Barber, shares her packing lists to help you cover all eventualities and also gives some useful advice on making the most of your stay.

pic 3 - haynets

Happy packing

Make a list for everything you need to keep your horse in one piece for his away stay. Then make another list for everything you need for the 3 phases of competition. Then make another list for everything you need for yourself…basically make loads of lists. The shops are a fair trek away over on the main site, so although it’s not the end of the world if you do forget something crucial, taking a bit of time over your packing will pay off once you get there.

Standard event kit list 


Both saddles 

Dressage/SJ/XC boots

2 x whips

Pastern ring



Hat bag

My boots

BP & Air Jacket 

Skull cap

Number bib



Ice gel & wraps 

First aid kit

Extra stable kit

Mucking out kit



Hoof oil & brush




Pack from home

Portable charger & cable

Baseball cap 

Sleeping bag pillows and blanket 

Toiletries bag

Milo’s coat, harness, lead & bed

Lorry mascot 

Milo bandana

Muesli & milk (bowl & spoon)


Things to do

Grooming bits all packed into blue grooming box – don’t forget!!

Boot polish hooves (Tues pm)

Remember sugarbeat from bay, oats from trailer, whips outside stable

Paint nails 

Teckna saddle cover for dress saddle 

Blue scrunchie off Lynn 

Lunge line 

Exercise sheet

pic 4 - car parking pass

Make a stay of it! 

Your stabling fees are the same if you want to stay for just one night or the whole week, so if your horse is happy in his temporary accommodation why not make the most of the annual leave and stay on for the main event. My birthday fell on the Thursday last year, so some well-earned shopping once our competition was over was too good an opportunity to refuse!

Coming soon in Part 3: Course walking tips and making the most of your support group. 

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