Thursday 25th of November 2021

Neigh-dar Alert #2

Never one to resist a bit of retail therapy, we’ve had our neigh-dar switched on to high alert and found this month’s gorgeous new equestrian gear now on sale.

HiWither Event Pad[1] colour wheel middle[4]


NuuMed’s HiWither Event Pad

It is now available in 11 colours and, with space for embroidery too, it’s the perfect choice for the cross country phase this season.

The stylish, streamlined pad has been created with the demands of cross country riding in mind. It’s made using quality quilt and is cut to NuuMed’s HiWither design that removes pressure from across the withers at the front of the saddle, and lifts at back to remove pressure from behind the saddle too.

It has a contoured design to work with most styles of jumping saddle, but has a shape between a numnah and a saddlepad, that gives enough space for embroidered names and small logos, but no excess material. It also comes with short D-ring top straps as standard.

The HiWIther Event Pad is available in black, brown, white, grey, bottle green, navy, burgundy, red, royal blue, purple and champagne in large, and has a RRP of £33. Embroidery costs can be quoted separately.

Childéric Saddles UK Girth Collection

A number of new styles have been introduced to their jump and dressage range, all of which embrace their saddle design philosophy: That freedom of movement and comfort should never be compromised in the quest for style.

The Childéric Saddles Girth Collection offers a variety of different styles, which all feature triple thick elasticated ends for excellent saddle stability and an ergonomically cut to ensure even distribution of pressure.

Childéric Short Anatomical Girth

Childéric Short Anatomical Girth


The shape of the girths allows for the saddle to sit in the correct position, whilst at the same time avoiding catching the horse around the sensitive area behind the elbow. As with the main saddlery collection, a bespoke service is also available.

Sizes: 45cm – 85cm, Prices start at £260.00

Colours: Irish, Black and Master

Golly Galoshes

An essential for keeping horses clean and white socks bright whilst on the move!

In the lorry these waterproof, breathable and versatile leg gaiters are ideal for use over travel bandages, helping to keep them free from bedding and droppings and in the warm-up, they win the battle against mud or dust, ensuring that when it’s time to dazzle in front of the judges, your horse has pristine pins!   

Golly Galoshes are quick and easy to put on/take off and also help prevent mud, sand or grit getting underneath your horses’ protective leg wear and unlike your horses’ legs, Golly Galoshes are also machine washable!

Available in a variety of colours or plain Black, Golly Galoshes feature a secure hook and loop fastenings and full length zip with protective fleece lapel for security and comfort.

Prices start from £26.99 per pair Miniature Pony through to £35.99 for horse sizing.

Sizing: Mini-Pony, Pony, Cob & Horse

For Further Information:

Golly Galoshes Black

NM27SS Hiwither 3 Pocket Half Shimmy Pad Black[2] NM25SS DR Hiwither 3 Pocket Half Wool Shimmy Numnah White (2)[2]

NuuMed ‘3 Pocket’ Shimmy Design 

The new ‘3 Pocket’ shimmy design has been introduced by NuuMed to its corrective range of HiWither half pads, saddlepads and numnahs.

Each product in the new HiWither 3 Pocket Shimmy range has a memory foam inner and three pockets on each side of the pad, making six pockets in total. Each pad is supplied with 12 shims.

All 2 Pocket and 3 Pocket Shimmy products benefit from a HiWither design that sits up inside the saddle’s gullet to remove pressure from across the horse’s withers, and also comes up at the back to remove pressure from behind the saddle, for maximum comfort. The 3 Pocket option is available on the Half Shimmy Pad, Half Shimmy Pad with Wool, Half Wool Shimmy Numnah, Half Wool Shimmy Saddlepad, Everyday Quilt Shimmy Numnah and Everyday Quilt Shimmy Saddlepad. All numnahs and saddlepads are available in dressage and general purpose cuts. Extra shim pads are also available in 5mm, 10mm and 15mm thicknesses. Prices start from £49.95.


All over Activo-Med

Activo-Med state of the art therapy systems apply pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) and massage therapy to different areas of the horse’s body. The Pecdominal Pad, one of the most recent additions to the range, is the only product to apply these therapies to the pectoral and abdominal areas. When used in conjunction with other Activo-Med products, for example the Combi Pro rug and leg wraps, the Pecdominal Pad can provide an impressive all over therapy solution for the whole horse.  When used with Activo-Med Leg Wraps and Hoof Boots, the coverage is even more extensive.

The Activo-Med Pecdominal Pad is available to buy or hire.  Payment terms available.

For more information, see

FMBS A-M PecDominal Pad[1]


Tuffa’s new Junior Show Boot

The stylish new boot has been designed specifically for showing. It’s made using quality leather with a non-slip rubber sole and combines durability with traditional elegance and a quality fit. The Junior Show Boot also benefits from extra protection around the toe and heel areas and has elasticated inserts and a pull tab at the back of each boot for easy fitting.

The Junior Show Boot is available in black, oxblood and dark brown in sizes child 6 to adult size 8. Prices start from £38.99.

For more information see

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