Thursday 26th of November 2020

Recruitment: How to recruit the best candidate

sarah huntley


Top quality staff are few and far between. To ensure you are doing everything you can to assist in your search for that dream employee, follow these 5 top tips to recruit the best candidate by Sarah Huntley at Equine Elite.




Look beyond the resume – View any applicants to your vacancy as more than just a CV or application form. Make sure you thoroughly vet your applicants not only using references but also their social media profiles. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can highlight personal experiences that tie into professional lives and skills, and may show the person is a perfect fit.


Reputation – As you all know, our industry is a small one. When trying to recruit top quality staff, reputation is everything. I’m sure you all know those riders or yards that are constantly recruiting – and never seem to hold onto their staff. Word travels fast, and if you’re plagued by high and fast turnover of staff, ask yourself why. Unless these issues are addressed and positive changes are made, it is unlikely that you will ever be able to maintain a committed, hardworking and long-term team of staff – instrumental to success in any sphere.


Abiding by the law – Ensure you are employing legally and fairly. This includes paying the minimum wage or above, ensuring the job does not exceed the legal working hours limit as well as providing your employees with a clear written contract of employment. For example, I find many candidates are put off vacancies requiring a six-day week. A 5 or 5 ½ day working week is much more sustainable long-term. Giving your hardworking employees just those few extra hours off each week can make all the difference in attracting the best candidates.


Using existing employees to market your business or facility – It has been shown that one of the best ways to attract a top quality candidate is to show off the people he or she will join there. Taso Du Val, founder of global tech business ‘Toptal’ advised employers to highlight their company’s existing talent during the recruitment process: “Talented individuals want to work with top talent, so showcasing the all-stars already on your team can help validate why other high-quality candidates should hope on board” Du Val said.


Attractive workplace – In the equestrian industry, the average employee probably spends a minimum of eight to ten hours per day at work. Even more so, with live-in roles employees spend even longer ‘at work’. It would make sense then that the employers would make every effort to make the workplace a place that employees will be comfortable at and want to go to. For example, think about the accommodation you are offering – would you want to live in an unheated, leaky, mobile home? If not, then don’t offer it to potential employees – it won’t help you attract the best talent.


equine elite logoAre you looking for top quality staff for your yard or business? Drop Sarah an email with your requirements to or call her on 07907 794196 to register your vacancy with her expert team today! All placements include a month’s trial period – and a 3-month cooling off period, to give you additional security and prolonged support throughout your recruitment process.

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